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Dave Sponza is an eclectic composer and acoustic/electric guitarist. Originally from Torino Italy, he now resides in Houston Texas with his daughter where he is a big part of the Houston music scene. His musical style ranges from classical guitar to folk, blues, rock and the finest pop.

Dave has the creative ability to extract music elements from all over the world and  manifest them in his unique compositions. In fact, his EP "Memories" is a great representation of a multi-style music writing. "Memories" gathers performances of acoustic solo guitar, guitar-violin-cello trio, power-rock and pop song writing inspired by the great Beatles. 

"Memories" has also been composed recalling different events during his life to form singular and holistic memories by piecing together various components via a pattern that forms a cohesive remembrance of things past. A representation of the entire event is instantaneously reactivated in the brain that often includes the people, location, smells, music, and other trivia opening a state of mind where the artist simply let his compositions come to life.

Buckle up,  it's time to take a ride in another world! 

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